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This company is so bad they need to just be dismantled, sold, shut down, destroyed. I mean all of thee above.I am taking them to court for lost and unpaid wages. I have been a dedicated employee for 20 years and they do not appreciate good workers. I know people who just left and or quit without any notices. Something is wrong with this when employees just up and leave. Many people enquire about Allieduniversal and when they are employed they... Read more

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for 18 years i was a allied barton employee, i worked at 3 sites in the 18 years. the last site i was at they lost the contract i was told i would be put at another site soon as the contract end date, when that day came i went to the office to be assigned at another site was told i would have to have a interview with the supervisor, never had to do this before, i had the interview he did not want me for some reason, i was at work ever day not... Read more

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I use to work for a security company that later was bought out by allied barton. I heard a lot of complaints about this company from past employees before and they are completely right. This is one of the worse if not the worse company in the security business. They do hire some of the worse types of people around at management level. I would say not very educated and lacking in making good decisions. I wouldn't waste time having anything to do... Read more

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I would like to complsin about an employee i know it change to universal protection i luve in a condo complex in simi and this security guard is racism and he picks on whites and blacks only. He dont pick on the Hispanics. He always put a ticket on my cars and i follow all rules. I am tired.

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been working 4 the company for 9 years and still getting 13.79 an hour. when other people get more than me and every time i ask 4 more pay they say they dont give us raise i feel they are cheating on me

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Interesting I'm reading more & more about this company AlliedUniversal Allied BARTON just moved here I wish I had known. I barely got in as well, guess it was God sent for me to.

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Worse company to work for, very unprofessional. Every office is workable BUT the Orlando a Office region particularly has 'clicks' & they talk down on their employees. God removed me from that situation before I even got through their door. If you have to start with them PLEASE line something else up immediately or you will be doomed. They will leave you hanging with your bills left to pay. This is your warning. They twist your words- it can be... Read more

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My girlfriend has worked there for almost a month and hasn't got her first check was suppose to get her first check today they said she won't get it for another week . And they still expect her to work and are threatning to fire her if she doesn't go in. We play on talking to someone about this company taking some action for there are bull. This is a law suit waiting to happen .

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This company is absolutely awful. They change their schedule frequently and without notice, short workers' pay, and don't respond to employee questions or concerns. High turnover rate and horrible supervisors. One supervisor took five days off because he was stressed while we were short handed and working 12 hour shifts. If you work 40 hours a week in one state, and then work more hours across the state line (still with Allied Barton, but at... Read more

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